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For the baseball coach who wears every hat in their program…
How Baseball’s Top Strength & Conditioning Coach Quickly Turns Players Of All Ages Into Elite, Explosive AthletesSafely And Without Complicated Routines Or Exercises

...and why you can too – even if you’re the coach who mows the grass, drags the infield, handles the equipment, and trains the athletes!

"If you want to improve your program and give your athletes a winning edge, this book is a must!"

-Jim Schlossnagle, Texas A&M Head Baseball Coach

What is it?

Movement Over Maxes is a Strength Training Program that serves as the foundation for any athlete, as well as the platform to continue to develop and enhance athletic performance throughout your entire career. It functions as a guide for all coaches to begin to understand and implement basic movement patterns with a long-term development approach.

Who is it for?

This is for the coach who devotes their life to not only creating better baseball players, but growing boys into men through the sport. Too many athletes make it today in spite of, not because of, the training they have been exposed to. Use this to change that.

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Speed Development Course from Coach Zach Dechant

What is it?

The Movement Over Maxes Speed Development Course is a 4-Part online training program that teaches and demonstrates the methods, principles, and system Zach uses to develop elite, explosive baseball players.

Who is it for?

Coaches, Players, and Parents! If you're looking for a proven system to develop overall athleticism, speed, quickness, and agility, this is the program for you.

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How Zach Dechant Uses Dynamic Warm-Ups
(Yes, The Warm-Up) To Develop Complete Athletes

  •  Develop players’ athletic skills for better reaction times
  • Build speed and explosiveness in-season
  • Get stronger and reduce injuries
  • Eliminate boredom and “warm up fatigue”

WARNING: The Warm-Up Is Not Just Another Task To Check Off Your List… Instead, It’s A Vital Piece Of The Training Puzzle… And Often A HUGE Missed Opportunity!

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