From TCU Baseball’s Strength & Conditioning Coach

How Zach Dechant Uses Dynamic Warm-Ups
(Yes, The Warm-Up) To Develop Complete Athletes

  •  Develop players’ athletic skills for better reaction times
  • Build speed and explosiveness in-season
  • Get stronger and reduce injuries
  • Eliminate boredom and “warm up fatigue”

WARNING: The Warm-Up Is Not Just Another Task To Check Off Your List… Instead, It’s A Vital Piece Of The Training Puzzle… And Often A HUGE Missed Opportunity!

From: Coach Zach Dechant
TCU Baseball’s Strength & Conditioning Coach


What if I told you that you have more time to develop better athletes than you’re currently using? 

Or that you could “steal” an extra 30+ hours to enhance athletic abilities IN-SEASON?

You’re already using that time, but you may not be using it optimally.

That time is THE DYNAMIC WARM-UP. 

Fact is, for most athletes and coaches…

More Time Is Spent ‘Warming Up’ Than On Almost Any Other Single Training Element

Think about it.

I’m not just talking about weight room warm-ups.

I mean warm-ups both on and off the field.

When you factor in practices, lifts, speed work, conditioning, even recovery/rehab sessions, it adds up to a huge amount of time spent throughout the year on ‘warming up’. 

So my question is…

Are You Using That Time To DEVELOP Your Athletes?

Or is it just another wasted 10 minutes?

Maybe you and your athletes are slowly succumbing to DEATH by BOREDOM, doing the same thing over and over and over...

What if you could use that time to create better movement patterns as well as eliminate warm-up fatigue that all coaches and athletes face daily?

I’ve served as the Senior Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning at TCU since 2008, where I work with baseball players and football quarterbacks. During the off-season I personally train a group of 30+ current MLB/MiLB players and I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to train some of the best players in baseball.

If you’d like to know a simple system to develop players of all ages faster…without spending any additional time on the field or in the workout room…then this letter will show you how.

It’s true:

The Foundation for Developing Speed

  1. Develop new movement skills (And reinforce existing ones)

  2. Give your players a wider array of movement solutions on and off the field (Think of this as adding tools to their athletic “toolbox” so they can build more resilient bodies… react quicker... or move faster in a game situation)

  3. Address common weaknesses and work on injury-reduction

  4. Better utilize the warmup and end “warmup fatigue” (Imagine… no more half-assed warm-ups or “going through the motions” just to get to the workout, practice, or game!)

  5. Get information about your players’ physical and mental state (And adjust workouts accordingly)

  6. Ramp up the nervous system for games or practice (While also blending in skills in an optimal ‘reduced intensity’ environment)

  7. Develop speed in-season (Yes! Not only is this possible, it’s necessary!)

  8. AND have a TON more variety built into the program so your athletes are engaged and raring to go! (Rather than “walking dead” because their warm-up is so mind-numbingly awful)

The bottom line is… often…

The Warm-Up Is A Huge WASTED Opportunity!

One you COULD be using to better develop your players.

Enter my new program:


It’s far from your typical lazy, one-dimensional, and BORING warm up protocol.

Not only is it designed to cover every possible angle of an effective warm up…

But it goes further to develop skills, speed, and explosiveness IN-SEASON.

3D MOVEMENT PREP gives you over 85 min and 11 sections of video presentations, 10 different concrete warm-up examples, and 150+ videos of travelling skills and movement demonstrations that make up each of the 4 pieces of the 3D System.

First, I must warn you… 


In the best sense of the word.

See, your team and your players will have an advantage over any teams who do not know how to use this time proactively, as you soon will.

You’ll get back 30+ EXTRA IN-SEASON HOURS of PLAYER DEVELOPMENT TIME that you may not be using efficiently right now.

Your players will love it.

(Heck, they’ll even look forward to warming up!)

They’ll feel the difference as soon as their next workout, practice, or game.

And you’ll love seeing the results transfer to the field.

  • ❌  No boredom or stagnation
  • ❌  No complicated routines
  • ❌  Individualized templates (They’re easy to personalize)
  • ✔️  No time-consuming static stretching
  • ✔️  Can be done in as little as 7 minutes!

I created 3D MOVEMENT PREP to be the total warm-up solution…

And make your job as a busy coach easier.

Even if you studied every manual on biomechanics you could get your hands on, and learned the more sophisticated points of dynamic warmups, it STILL wouldn’t come close to the ease and simplicity of the system I want to show you.

3D MOVEMENT PREP is paint-by-numbers simple

Doesn’t require a lot of time to set up…

(In fact, you’ll be using time already devoted to warming up…only using it better).

And it comes with easy-to-follow PDF’s that you can easily print and post for your players to see.

The 3D SYSTEM is tested, proven, and…

Used Everyday By Elite Athletes!

And safe for players of all ages.

Maybe you’re not sure whether you’re teaching your players the right things to help them get better and succeed on the field… 

Maybe your goal is to keep them healthy and injury-free… 

Maybe you wonder sometimes if what they’re doing in the warm-up is helping or hurting?

No matter the case, 3D MOVEMENT PREP is for you if you want to improve your program and give your athletes an edge.

Best part:

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can…

Learn The 3D System At ZERO RISK To You…
Even FREE, If You Choose!

But first, here’s a TASTE of what you’ll learn inside 3D MOVEMENT PREP:

➡  3 SIMPLE PRINCIPLES I follow when creating any movement prep or dynamic warm-up (And why static stretching is never a piece of the 3D SYSTEM)

➡  An exclusive look into the RAMPS PROTOCOL we use to layer in player development while warming up (Adapted from Ian Jefferies, this is the “secret sauce” that lets players move better, build speed and athleticism, and reduce injuries)

➡  An overlooked way to measure the physical and mental readiness of your athletes (AND build trust with your players.  So simple, you’ll kick yourself for not knowing this sooner!)

➡  The number one rule you must follow to structure warm-ups based on the theme of the day (And the demands of the upcoming session, practice, or game)

➡  9 proven warmups you can use today to develop athletic skills, proprioception, and coordination (We want our athletes to have the biggest pool of movement solutions available.  Have your players do the progressions I show you here and they’ll be ready for anything!)

➡  A simple question you must ask your players to easily auto-regulate training sessions (Create a plan B when needed… not a possible hamstring strain!)

➡  A powerfully effective warm up your players can do if they’re short on time (7-10 minutes is all it takes…your athletes will thank you for making this simple)

➡  2 overlooked ways to instantly upgrade a warmup (Do this to better prepare your athletes for the task ahead.  Best part?  They’re fun to do!)

➡  The “living movement screen” that lets you quickly spot risk factors (These “red flags” destroy athletic ability and lead to injury)

➡  A secret way to prepare your athletes to be better at their sport-specific skills

➡  Why you should never stop developing your athletes, regardless of age (This is the “spring training” secret that lets even the pros get better each year)

➡  A dead “giveaway” that lets you instantly take the pulse of your entire team (Watch for this, and you’ll know when to go full steam ahead, and when to back off)

➡  5 simple-to-follow warm up templates you can use to create new warm-ups (These cover short, medium, and long workouts, and are ideal for any situation)

➡  4 advanced traveling skill patterns that will give your athletes faster reaction times on the field and during games

➡  The #1 “most transferable” movement pattern in all of field sports (Teach your players this simple skill and you’ll be blown away at how quickly their athletic ability improves)

➡  A quickie “idiot’s guide” to the warm-up progressions we use with our players (PLUS…how we layer in the skills and movement patterns we want for different workouts)

➡  The “no sweat, no brainer” way to add variety to the warm-up

➡  How to use a race format to challenge both the body and brain to progress (Your players will love this, and they’ll be better prepared for your next game or practice)

➡  A simple 10-12 minute warm up that will have your players ready to workout… or run bases!

➡  Two common baseball injury “risk areas” and how to tie them into the warm-up (Please… don’t miss this golden opportunity to do ‘prehab’ and reduce injuries!)

➡  What to do after a long bus ride, car ride, or plane ride (Anytime your players have been seated for a long time here is the warm-up I recommend)

➡  What to do if it’s hot outside and not much raise in body temperature is needed

➡  What to do on game day for position players

➡  Secret techniques for handling warmups on recovery days

➡  The EXACT Movement Over Maxes warm-up we use with our athletes (Coaches often want to know how to warm up their players before tackling a Movement Over Maxes workout.  Well, here it is!)

➡  Breakthrough solutions for developing speed in-season (Research shows players need exposure to high-speed running every 5-8 days.  Now you can use the time already devoted to warming up to make your athletes faster… even during season!)

➡  Why 3D MOVEMENT PREP is also the ideal program for younger athletes not ready for the barbell, and how to use this system to build skill, strength, speed & agility to transform young players into elite athletes!

And much, much more.

That’s just a small sample of the secrets waiting for you in 3D MOVEMENT PREP.

Every aspect of this program is designed to help you get more out of your athletes; more skill, more speed, better performance, and a reduction in injuries… without needing to carve out even a minute of additional training time.

There’s no theory or “fluff” in any of this, either.

These are the EXACT routines I use with my players at TCU and my private MLB, MiLB clients.  You simply won’t see them anywhere else.

In thousands of conversations with high-school coaches I’ve found…

Many coaches suffer from information-overload and too little time to implement what they learn with their team. 

This program, on the other hand, lets you…

Do More With Time You’re CURRENTLY Using

Maybe you’re worried about players getting injured from lack of preparation…

Or perhaps you fear there’s ‘not enough of you’ to go around because you’re already too busy from balancing so many aspects of running your program.

3D MOVEMENT PREP is ‘set it and forget it’ easy.

Beyond some minimal set up and coaching, it adds nothing to your task list.

And you can rest easy knowing the methods they’re using are TESTED and PROVEN.

So, how much does 3D MOVEMENT PREP cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think.

Especially when you consider I could easily charge $200 (and up) for this information and still give you a bargain.

But you won’t have to pay $200, or even $100 to access it.

If you order today, you'll get instant, lifetime access for one payment of just $74.99 $49.99.

Plus, it comes with a 60-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Use the warmups with your athletes for a FULL 60 DAYS…if you aren’t absolutely thrilled… if you don’t think it’s the single best product on warmups you’ve ever seen… if after using the techniques your athletes aren’t faster, sharper, better prepared (and more engaged)… then simply send us an email at ZD@ZachDechant.com and we’ll send you a FULL and PROMPT refund.

No hassles or questions asked.

3D MOVEMENT PREP MUST work WONDERS for your players…

Or You Don’t Pay!

In that way you can learn these player development secrets free, if you choose.

So you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose and your players have everything to gain.

But you can’t drag your heels on this.

This offer is ONLY available at the SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICING for an extremely limited time. 

Soon, it will be going up to full price.

Ordering is easy too.

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3D Movement Prep

Here's What You're Getting Inside 3D Movement Prep...

  • 11-Module Online Course featuring 85+ minutes of Video Presentation
  • 10 Warm-Up Routines, Examples + Templates
  • 150+ Demo Videos of Travelling Skills, Movement Demonstrations, and more!

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Trust me, you DO NOT want to pass on this only to look across the field and see these warm-up techniques being used in the other team’s dugout!

To Building Better Athletes,

Zach Dechant
TCU Baseball Strength & Conditioning Coach
Creator – Movement Over Maxes

What Others Are Saying About


“Well worth the investment!”

If you are looking to upgrade your warm-ups, Zach's product is perfect. Zach presented to our staff and it really made us think about how to take some of the boredom out of warm-ups. Well worth the investment!

-Mike Boyle
Founder of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

“If you don’t have this in your library, you’re not as good of a coach as you could be! ”

This is what I look for in any new product or program: is there a principle-based approach to this? And Zach dives deep into that. It’s a fascinating look at how you take what we call ‘warm up’ and turn it into a system to prepare your players for anything. If you don’t have this in your library, you’re not as good of a coach as you could be!

–Lee Taft
Speed & Agility Expert “The Speed Guy”

“A great resource for any coach!”

Zach’s 3D Movement Prep is a great resource for any coach. I really appreciate his concise details not only on what movement prep should be and why it’s important, but how to better organize and use it. From identifying quality movements to understanding basic neuromuscular connections, Zach does a great job of implementing an efficient program to activate, evaluate, and progress your movement prep routines in a way that any coach can use with their team. Zach highlights how this area of development with our athletes (a part of training often overlooked) can be used effectively to improve a player’s movement skills and build athleticism. Where most check a box, Zach teaches coaches how to make movement prep an advantage for those coaches that take the time to understand, organize, and teach their routines.

–Nick White
Director of Player Performance Baltimore Orioles
Get 3D Movement Prep TodaySAVE 33%, Includes Instant Access!