"If you want to improve your program and give your athletes a winning edge, this book is a must!"

-Jim Schlossnagle, TCU Head Baseball Coach

What is it?

Movement Over Maxes is a Foundational Program that serves as the starting point for any athlete. It functions as a guide for all coaches to begin to understand and implement basic movement patterns with a long-term development approach.

Who is it for?

This was created for the coach who wears every hat for their program... The coach who mows the grass, drags the infield, handles the equipment, AND trains the athletes! This is for the coach who devotes their life to not only creating better baseball players, but growing boys into men through the sport.

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What Others Are Saying About

Movement Over Maxes

Zach Dechant, in my mind, is the best baseball strength and conditioning coach in the business. He definitely makes a difference in wins and losses on the field, but his ability to develop baseball players individually is what separates him from his peers. His track record of developing young baseball players into not just professional baseball players, but major leaguers, is second to none.

-Randy Mazey
Head Coach, West Virginia University

I’ve worked with Zach since my freshman year at TCU in 2011. Every day, he researches new workouts and exercises that can make the body of a college baseball player stronger and faster. Zach has made a huge impact, not only on my career, but on many other professional baseball players as well. Without the Foundation Program, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

-Brandon Finnegan
Pitcher, Cincinnati Reds

A Note from Matt Carpenter

As a junior at TCU, I was overweight and out of shape, with little to no muscle and weighing about 230 lbs. I had season-ending Tommy John surgery and knew if I wanted to get healthy and back on the field I needed to make some serious changes to my diet and exercise. I started to make these changes on my own, running miles and miles every day, eating better, and training in the weight room. I got down to 182 lbs... skin and bones. That year, TCU hired Coach Dechant and I met the man who would change the way I approached training forever, and the guy who would have a major impact on my career.

Coach Dechant came in Day 1 and took the team by storm. He had the knowledge, the track record, the experience in professional baseball to gain instant respect from every player. More importantly though, you could tell he cared about you individually and wanted you to become the best player you could be—not only as a group, but specifically as me. Our bodies changed dramatically. I was up to 210 lbs. in a matter of months and the most explosive and athletic I have ever been.

Zach has mastered the ability to get the most out of his players. The Foundation Program is designed for athleticism, core strength, power, and efficient movement that translates into better baseball athletes. His real gift is teaching. In the weight room, where every movement is critical, his instruction is second to none and his players reap the benefits of proper and sound fundamentals. I can say, without a doubt, I would never have been the player that I am today without him. Currently, I’m in my 10th season of professional baseball and every off-season I come back to Fort Worth to train with Zach. Every off-season, he has me 100% prepared to play at my best.

Matt Carpenter
St. Louis Cardinals
3x MLB All-Star
2011 World Series Champion

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Too Many Coaches Do This!

Regardless of training age or development, many coaches put an athlete under the barbell and a max load on day one as a starting point to development. After all, without a starting point there can be no clear-cut path to getting strong, right?

Numbers often matter way too much to coaches, and can come at the peril of movement. Technique goes out the window as kids load the bar and move it any number of body-altering ways.

But shouldn’t we be asking:

What happens if that athlete has never touched a barbell before?

What if that athlete hasn’t been taught how to squat or hinge correctly?

What if that athlete can’t even get into a proper athletic position?

How can we expect an athlete to properly absorb the force of landing a jump correctly when they’re unfamiliar with the foundational positions of basic athletic movement?

Movement Over Maxes values movement above all and creates movement competency that will carry athletes through future endeavors with a solid foundation of development.


Why Movement Over Maxes?

Many schools lack the necessary resources to hire a certified strength and conditioning coach, thus leaving the sport coach responsible for off-the-field physical development as well.

At high schools and colleges across the nation...

Baseball coaches must take on this responsibility or watch athletic development go by the wayside.

I created Movement Over Maxes for the coach who wears every hat for their program. The coach who mows the grass, drags the infield, handles the equipment, and trains the athletes.

This is for the coach who devotes their life to not only creating better baseball players, but growing boys into men through sport. I commend those coaches for taking an active role in their team’s development and I wrote this resource to help.

The truth is:

You are being bombarded with information.

Every player wants to do what he sees his favorite pro athlete doing online. However, what most need more than ever are the essentials of movement... broken down.

Simplicity is often the key to efficiency.

This Foundation Program is built on simplicity. I created it to address the need to maximize movement with minimal equipment. The real nuts and bolts of the program require a barbell and a coach with a desire to develop athletes the right way.

A barbell and an athlete are truly the only things you needs to start using Movement Over Maxes...

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The resounding issue that led to Movement Over Maxes was the need for movement literacy in and out of the weight room.

It was the need for athletes to possess the basic skills that would create the foundation of future development. It was a starting point to not only protect them from injury, but create more sound movement and body control.

The best athletes in sport are often the ones who have great body control and a wide array of movement skills at their disposal.

Yet, so many athletes lack general movement and lifting skills.

It seems that an increasing number of today’s athletes have never really been taught the proper way to move. This Foundation Program fills the void by building athletic-based movement from the ground up, providing a more thorough understanding of developing basic movement patterns off the field.

Movement Over Maxes will detail:

  1. Building The Athletic Position
  2. Teaching Landing Mechanics and Absorbing Force, then Applying Force
  3. Speed and Acceleration Mechanics and Programming
  4. The Big 5 Movement Patterns
  5. Protecting the Shoulder
  6. Developing the Foundation Program

After many years of research, development, writing and improving, I'm excited to announce that my new book is now available!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Coach Dechant is one of the most exceptional and progressive strength and conditioning coaches I have worked with. The Foundation Program he developed and implements shows his meticulous ability to develop quality movement in his athletes, and not rush to loading dysfunction. His athletes and the university are lucky to have him. I have been lucky enough to work with and learn from Coach Dechant, and he continues to challenge me in my thinking to this day. He is a great resource and wealth of knowledge that I hope to continue learning from for years to come.

-Sean Bardenett, DPT
Manual Therapist, Kansas City Royals

Coach Dechant has been an integral part of our baseball program’s success over the last 15 years, not just with his amazing strength and athletic development of our players, but also with helping us build and maintain a culture of discipline and excellence. He is a forward thinker who is always on the cutting edge of what is in the best interest of the development of the athlete. If you want to improve your program and give your athletes a winning edge, this book is a must!

-Jim Schlossnagle
Head Baseball Coach, TCU

Zach is one of the foremost experts in baseball strength and conditioning at the Division 1 level. His research-based program has proven for many years to be on the cutting edge of developing collegiate players. The Foundation Program is incredible with respect to developing the player’s athleticism as the core base for player development.

-Todd Whitting
Head Baseball Coach, University of Houston

There are many reasons why I moved to Fort Worth, but the biggest one is Zach Dechant. As a Major League Baseball player, the majority of my off-season is training to get better and it all starts in the weight room. So why go anywhere other than the best, and Zach is the absolute best—not only as a strength coach, but as a person. He genuinely cares for every athlete that he works with and puts forth the time and energy to specifically make that person better at their craft. I was a sophomore when Zach came to TCU, and he immediately skyrocketed the program.

Personally, I think Zach is the reason why I am a big leaguer. I was weak, and had no clue how to take care of my body. He showed me the fundamentals, how to move my body, how to lift properly, and most importantly, how to keep my body on the field. I was talented, but he made me an athlete and helped me get the best out of myself. I’ll admit I was mad when he wouldn’t let me go heavy (and I still get mad), but before I knew it, I was moving more weight than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for everything, Zach.

-Bryan Holaday
Catcher, Miami Marlins

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