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The Speed Development Course from Coach Zach Dechant

What is it?

The Movement Over Maxes Speed Development Course is a 4-Part online training program that teaches and demonstrates the methods, principles, and system Zach uses to develop elite, explosive baseball players.

Who is it for?

Coaches, Players, and Parents! If you're looking for a proven system to develop overall athleticism, speed, quickness, and agility, this is the program for you.

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Baseball = Speed & Power

Baseball is a sport that is almost solely built around speed and power. Those characteristics dominate the game. As such, we want to train like the game is played. Athletes, especially in their teen years, have a unique window for developing speed and training the nervous system.

There are too many benefits to sprint training to carelessly pass it over in lieu of longer runs to “get in shape.” When was the last time you saw a movement that was done slowly on a baseball field? Athletes must react incredibly quickly. They have to sprint to an area with no lag. Throws and swings are all single-event explosive actions. There is nothing that happens slowly on a baseball field. So why would you train in that fashion?

Charlie Francis stated, “Watch the player, not the sport.”

Train that way and you won’t regret it.

This course shows you how.

The Foundation for Developing Speed

The means and methods included in this course are used to lay the foundation for speed development, as well as develop overall coordination and technique acquisition.

The movements progress from a more-controlled environment with the A-Skip Series to learning at increasing speeds with buildups. They finish with all-out full-speed runs that teach athletes overall athleticism and the ability to repeat proper acceleration angles from a variety of body positions.

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INSTANT ACCESS to Dynamic Warm-Up Series

The foundation of any great training program is a solid dynamic warm-up that prepares the body to move explosively. This is the series Zach utilizes with each of his athletes! The template plus demonstration videos are included with the Speed Development Course!


Speed Development Course

The Speed Development Course includes:

  • 4 Exclusive Training Videos + Video Demonstrations
    • Session #1: A-Series + Buildups
    • Session #2: Full Speed Accelerations + Tempo Runs
    • Session #3: Zone Training
    • Session #4: Flying Sprints
  • Corresponding PDF Training Guide with 8 Week Block Program
  • BONUS: Dynamic Warm-Up Series

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